And don’t forget to come to Outline 2009!

Outline 2009 will take place again, during the comfortably long Ascension (hemelvaart) weekend. Read all about it at!


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Location fixed!

Hi guys!!

Despite us being a bit late with arrangements, we found a very nice spot which has space for 20-ish happy sceners! The restaurant is called De Winkel van Sinkel, and we’ll sit in the tapas restaurant downstairs. We’ll take our time there, and then move on to some cozy pub for some more drinks and drunks (and soda, for the non-drinkers among us).

here’s a google map!, the station is situated a bit to the left.

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Reserving a restaurant

The discussion on where to go is happening right now on pouet, so please join there with tips. Also, if you said YES on doodle, but can’t come anyway, please leave a comment here! The same holds if you cannot join for dinner – I’ll need to book something real soon. Thanks!

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Pubmeet next friday!

Hi all!

It’s official now – friday November 7th (2008), there will be a demoscene pubmeet in Utrecht. I’ll keep updating this site and with info. If you plan to show up and are not in the list yet, please add yourself here.

For now, plan to be in Utrecht before 19:00 (though at least I plan to be an hour earlier or so, so earlier is fine too). Once we’ve got a nice location figured out, I’ll propose official times and dates. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments on this blog, the pouet thread or on the doodle poll.

See you there!


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